The Start of Our Journey?

After college, Moe began her career working hands on with victims of child abuse & their families and eventually transitioned into working in non profit administration. After 10 years in the field and careful consideration she decided to take a break from her career to run our household and be at home with our son. In order to do so she decided to run an online print and design business to make ends meet. On weekends she would hit craft shows, bridal shows and flea markets with the determination to grow our business. In the evenings she would research online marketing, come up with creative designs and build our social media followers. She diligently worked on creating designs and listings so she was able to be home with our son and , as he got older, be active in his early grade school years.
*A note from Moe: Being a mom, a wife and business owner, I appreciate your business & support more then you know.

Jeff has a background in Higher Education, conducting violence prevention trainings and he taught self defense for many years with the University and Police Department. In late 2012 Jeff resigned his position as an Assistant Dean and began to work full time with our business but was still conducting self defense and violence prevention trainings periodically. He took on the accounting and social media aspects of the business and began to design items. Eventually we relocated to the North East where we were able to also help care for my mother n law who had cancer at the time and came to live with us but has since passed.
* A note from Jeff: Thanks to Etsy's Platform we were able to grow our handmade business one customer at a time while doing what is important to us and for that we are forever grateful.

We take pride in working with customers and doing our best to ensure that you receive excellent customer service and quality items . If we make a mistake, we will correct it. And if you make a mistake when ordering we will also do our best to work with you. We do not drop ship. Everything is made in house.

Lifes Challenges?

Life and Business has challenges . In late 2013 our lives were put on hold after Jeff suffered an aortic dissection out of no where. He did not smoke, was young and had no health issues. He also worked out at the time. Through the grace of God he is alive and we were able to get the testing we needed to determine the cause of it. Although it was not what we wanted to hear we learned to accept that this was a part of our new life. Our new life requires some balancing of follow-ups and doctor appointments and has including a major surgery but this experience has led us to have a greater appreciation for life and for our family. And the great news is Jeff is now doing awesome and living a great life!

Over the years, we have grown our handmade, family business because of our customers. From my heart to yours, THANK YOU :) Etsy a wonderful place to shop and sell - and - we are so so thankful to be a part of its community for the past several years.

Below are the other stores on Etsy that we own and operate:

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